Diane Valancy

I arrived on Saturday morning, having flown Delta Express, and, please take my advice...do not ever fly Delta Express. Just believe me, you really don't want the icky details.

So anyway, after breakfast we went to the Thurber house. I have to agree with Linda on the point that it was great that nothing was roped off and we could sit wherever we wanted. I liked sitting in the front parlor, on the piano bench. There was sheet music on the piano, but they also had a magazine from 1918 called "Modern Priscilla." I have been seeing this magazine more often at various antique places and find it very interesting as they usually have clothing styles prominently featured. This one was no exception, and I spent a lot of time browsing through it.

Then it was off to Mott's Military Museum. This was a very appropriate place to visit on Memorial Day weekend. The exhibits generate even more respect for those who fought for us. There is so much packed into a small space that it is hard not to be overwhelmed. They had everything from Civil War hardtack to Gulf War Hershey bars.

But to me the most moving exhibit was the flag-draped coffin carrier. A simple box with the name of a fallen soldier on it brings everything into perspective.

After the museum we returned to the hotel to dress for dinner at the 94th Aerosquadron. It was a great chance to dress up and go out on the town. now that the weekend is over, it's so boring to dress for real life. LOL.

Then back to the room to watch some vids. Well, we did more than watch really, we recited along with several episodes. LOL. And Linda is certainly right, everyone bursting into "Remember When" was a highlight of the weekend.

The trip to the Ohio Historical Society was great. The exhibit "Kilroy was Here" is fabulous. It just so happened that they were focusing on fashions of the 40s this weekend. One of the activities they had was 1940s paper dolls. one or two of us may have spent more time coloring the dolls than viewing the actual exhibits. (I have heard that Linda took a picture of people coloring these dolls. If so I may have to fork over some blackmail money. <g>)

Did anyone mention there is a trolley in this museum? <BG> We had lots of fun taking pictures around that!

And as others have stated, there was a women in the lobby playing piano. She was dressed in period clothing (as were many other people who worked there) including a fox stole. I couldn't help but wonder if it was Hilary's. :) And thank you Rodney for your compliment on my singing. I rarely have a chance to sing at all anymore. :(

Dani and I went to see Cabaret that night. I highly recommend seeing this show, however it is for adult audiences only! The performance left me shaking and speechless, and I have seen other productions of this show before. But never before has the theme been hit home so bluntly, and so perfectly.

After the show we went back to the hotel. I was glad to have the time on the drive back to recover. Although Nazis do show up from time to time (and time and time again) on WENN, due to the time frame, we were spared the full extent of their horrors.

The long lost Diane
Clang, clang, clang went the Columbus trolley

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