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Merriam-Webster defines "lagniappe" as:
laˇgniappe ('lan-"yap, lan-') noun, a small gift given a customer by a merchant at the time of a purchase; broadly : something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure (American French, from American Spanish la napa the lagniappe, circa 1849)

Basically, these are WENN-related goodies I have from various sources including websurfing and the kind contributions of friends (duly noted). Enjoy!

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Links for Cast/Crew/Guests and Related Items

Carolee Carmello: John Kenrick's King and I review, April 2002

Carolee Carmello: Peter Filichia's interview on Theater Mania.com, April 3, 2002

George Hall: Young Indiana Jones website (series featured Hall as "Old Indy")

Melinda Mullins: Voice of Jane Fisher in The American Experience's "Mr. Miami Beach" (transcript)

Christopher Murney: Barton Fink review

Amanda Naughton: The Secret Garden reviewed (the stage musical featuring Amanda as Martha Sowerby)

Amanda Naughton: Review of The Betrayal of Nora Blake, April 26, 2001

Amanda Naughton/Mary Stout: On the Town review

Mary Stout: Appearing as Sophie Tucker in "Last of the Red-Hot Mamas," reviewed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Mary Stout: Talkin' Broadway Spotlight

Mary Stout: Broadway to Vegas article, January 14, 2001 (scroll down some)

Richard Shepard: Fansite for this Remember WENN director

Ellery Queen Website: Excellent site for the '75 television series which was set in 1947 (Eddie Bracken [Pepper Canarsie] was once a guest star)

Tales of the Gold Monkey Website: Patricia Annino's site for the 1982 adventure series which took place in 1937; one can almost imagine Jake Cutter once meeting Scott Sherwood...

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Rupert Holmes Items

Newspaper Articles about the Broadway Productions
(many thanks to Mike Waters for these)

Photo cover for the sheet music for "Him"

Goosebumps articles: Pensacola News-Journal, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Toronto Sun, Richmond Times Dispatch, and Dayton Daily News along with Atlanta Journal Constitution ad
Also contains links for Detroit Free Press story and CNN's coverage
(thanks to John Baxindine, Mike Waters, and Laura Hayden for the articles)

An Interview with Rupert Holmes by Michael Buckley (covers Goosebumps, Remember WENN, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, and other projects)

All-Music (has a nice bio and list of credits, but you can't bookmark it any longer; just search on "Rupert Holmes")

1985 photo from Barry Scott's "Lost 45s" Site

Rupert Holmes photos scanned from the "Partners in Crime" songbook:
(thanks to Laura Hayden for the scans)
          Is this where the handcuffs in "The New Actor" came from?
                              (27K .jpg)
          Smiling "partner in crime"
                              (23K .jpg)
          The red sweater portrait
                              (17K .jpg)
          Songwriter unmasked (unglassed?)
                              (38K .jpg)
                              (22K .jpg)
                              (18K .jpg)
          Songwriter unleashed
                              (37K .jpg)

Other Rupert Holmes Photos

          Photo from Sleeve of "Pursuit of Happiness" LP
                              (26K .jpg)
          Photo from Cover of "Pursuit of Happiness" LP
                              (20K .jpg)
          Photo from Cover of "Rupert Holmes" LP
                              (24K .jpg)
          Photo from Sleeve of "Singles" LP
                              (45K .jpg)
          Photo from Sleeve of "Adventure" LP
                              (23K .jpg)

What's Rupert up to these days? Check the "News From the Holmes Front"

Susan's delightful salute to Rupert Holmes

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1984-1985 Theatre World Photos
(scanned and sent to me by Cindy Neidt; thanks!)

Kevin O'Rourke in Alone Together

Kevin O'Rourke in Submariners

John Bedford Lloyd in The Incredibly Famous Willy Rivers

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Other Photos

Melinda Mullins in the M*A*S*H episode "Foreign Affairs"
(from The Complete Book of M*A*S*H)

Amanda Naughton and the cast of Mr. President

Amanda Naughton, Amy Kowallis, and Johanna Day in 3 Postcards
(scanned and sent to me by Britt Graves; thanks!)

Kevin O'Rourke and the cast of Anonymous

Kevin O'Rourke and Kate Nelligan in Spoils of War
(scanned and sent to me by Britt Graves; thanks!)

Kevin O'Rourke screen caps from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, episode "Scourge":
          "You can't do that to my client!"
                              (10K .jpg)
          The ball's in his court now.
                              (11K .jpg)
          "We're not required to do that!"
                              (12K .jpg)
          "That would cost our company millions."
                              (11K .jpg)
          A calculating look
                              (10K .jpg)

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